Moving your business may seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Our team at Reading PA Movers has project mangers specifically trained to help make a full office relocation smooth. We focus on several areas to make sure you have zero downtime and are either as efficient or more efficient in your new space.

We start out with an office moving checklist, which reviews your current office setup as well as your new office setup. We review everything from furniture, electric requirements, digital / media, and overall footprint / layout. This ensures you know what to expect when you move, and are setting yourself up for success in your new space. We then work with you on what specifically you need moved, what is being purchased new, and timing of when things will transition. We understand the business world runs 24/7, so we will work with you to ensure you experience a seamless transition.

Location is key, and now in the post-covid world, things are a little different than before. We can help to ensure your staff are moved during fixed sequences, to minimize contact and ensure your transition is safe and efficient.

Storage and transport services are critical with these types of moves, as oftentimes the old space needs to be exited prior to the new space being available. If you need a place to store your office prior to moving into your new location, call us today and we can walk you through the many options we have for that situation. No job is too large or small for Reading PA Movers to handle.

Testing and setup is our final check – we can work with your staff to ensure things are working properly prior to our job being done. Moving your office isn’t just moving the furniture. We can also assist with the technology side of things, and help setup and confiture your new equipment. Call us today for more detail on what services we offer.