Reading PA Movers – Moving Checklist

Moving doesn’t have to be complicated. Especially if you partner with the right moving company to help you out. Even if you don’t use Reading PA Movers, we’d like to give you our moving checklist for free, and share the most important aspects of a successful move.

Remember – people move every day. Some down the street, and come across the world. And there are people (like us!) that do this for a living, so we get quite good at it after a while. It’s not as overwhelming as it may seem!

Download Our Full Moving Checklist HERE

Your Moving Checklist

  • Engage a moving company (hopefully us!)

  • Get rid of unwanted belongings (the less you have to move, the easier it will be!)

  • Travel arrangements for the duration of the move
  • Cancel memberships / delivery services if moving out of town

  • Enroll with new school / daycare / physicians

  • Shop for new service providers (cable, internet, gas, water)

  • Backup your computer and secure important documents

  • Update address on your delivery subscriptions, insurances.

  • Keep cash, credit cards, and keys to new home accessible on day of move.

  • Enjoy your new digs!