Reading PA Movers – Market Trends

Post-Covid, real estate has seen some pretty dramatic changes over the past several months.

Mortgage rates continue to be at all-time lows. Cities that used to be popular (and expensive!) for both office and residential are finding themselves out of renters, with people leaving big cities for more open (and unpopulated) areas. Moving services are in high demand right now, and Reading PA Movers is here to help!

Working from home has led to a very different cooperate office scenario as well. Offices are sitting empty, as companies have found employees can be just as productive working from home. Not only do companies save money on office space, but people are maximizing the hours in their days, eliminating the drive to and from work. This trend is causing rent for office space to drop, as supply is up and demand is trending down.

Another trend is the increased demand for vacation homes. Families are not able to travel like they used to, and don’t have the luxury of hopping on a plane for a week trip to Florida. The ‘second home trend’ is seen as a big positive here, especially if you can work from home and float back and forth at will.

The suburbs have seen large influxes of people who, historically, enjoyed the benefits of big-city living. With the covid lockdowns still in effect in many areas, those city perks are all but gone, and the suburbs now offers the best family enjoyment. Open concept houses with some land for the kids to play has seen a surge in activity that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

Whether you are looking to relocate into Eastern Pennsylvania or out of it, Reading PA Movers can help! We are affordable, experienced, and easy to work with. Contact us today and we will get you a free quote for your moving, packing, or storage needs!