Moving to college can be a big step in life……but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare to move your things. Here are some tips from us on how to keep it simple and still get the maximum out of your experience!

Less is Best! The less you move, the easier your experience will be – both on move day, during your stay, and the move out. Most college dorm rooms come either partially or fully furnished, so what you need on move-in day is not as much as you may think. Talk to your roommate prior and team up on your list of essential items. There is no need to have 2 coffee machines! College dorms are small and space is limited, so only take the bare essentials and pickup what you really need over time. Also consider posting a “I’m moving in, if you’re moving out and want to sell anything, contact me” sheet in the dorm main office or apartment mailroom. Oftentimes, outbound students have no need to take everything home with them, and would be more than happy to make a few bucks on their way out the door.

Don’t overpack! For most of us, college is the first time we’ve lived anywhere else other than home. Consider only taking the seasonal relevant clothing with, so you aren’t trying to stuff a winter coat into your closet in the middle of summer. The less you have in your dorm or apartment the better off you will be. Stick to the essentials and worst case, pickup what you need at a local store. Clutter is mentally disruptive when you are trying to study and focus, so another reason to keep your personal belongings to a minimum when moving away. .

Keep your valuables at home if possible. Sharing dorms and apartments create opportunity for things to be lost or stolen, so it’s best to not bring those things to start with. Keep your electronics locked and password protected, and anything you do need to bring that is of any value, keep in a locked safe that only you know the code for.

For move-in day, remember to bring a hand cart or rolling caddy. Oftentimes, there are long lines and long walks, and you do not want to be stuck carrying your belongings without assistance. Don’t forget a small toolset and scissors, which you will need if you have to assemble anything as well as help unpack.

And remember……a moving company can help you with all of this. Reading PA Movers offers full student moves; our team of experts does this for a living. We can help make your college move (either moving to or moving from!) a simple and efficient one.