Deciding to hire a moving company or doing it yourself is something most of us struggle with before a move. But there’s more to the decision than the cost alone. At Reading PA Movers, we offer several packages to help you pick what’s right for you. From full service moving to transportation only, we can accommodate any budget and find a solution for your unique situation.

Things to consider when deciding to hire or do it yourself would be:

Packing supplies are costly and can be hard to come by. Boxes, bubble wrap, protective coverings…….all add to the cost of moving on your own. Time – do you have the time to pack up your home for a relocation? What about the labor to move the heavier or bulk items? Then, once you do have everything packed up, transportation to the new destination is required. Renting a moving van yourself seems like a good option, until you get there and realize the “$99 / hour” doesn’t include mileage, insurance, fuel, or hidden fees. Then, remember anything you or your friends move will probably not be covered if it’s damaged. This include the damage to the item, as well as damage to the home (for example – cracking the frame on a door trying to move your refrigerator out). Then, once you reach your destination, you then have to relocate the items to the correct floor / rooms, probably requiring the same labor to help with big items. Finally, unpacking and sorting and getting it all squared away will require a plan and several days (or weeks!) of work.

There is a lot of work involved in moving, and our team of experts can really cut back what you need to do. We are a full service team of experts and can help with as much or as little as you need. Remember, the cost of moving yourself is really not that much cheaper when you include all the ‘extras’ listed above!