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If you are looking for experienced movers in Eastern PA, you can count on us!

We are a full service moving company, including packing and storage services. We can handle handle all your relocation needs. We offer local and long distance moves, including across state lines. Our prices are competitive and affordable. We are equipped to manage the heaviest and toughest jobs, including pianos, sheds, furniture, offices, commercial equipment, hot tubs, grandfather clocks……you name it, we can move it!

We manage both residential and commercial needs, and have the expertise to move things as sensitive as medical or laboratory equipment, to as large as sheds and playsets. No job is too small or too large for our team of professionals to handle. We are fully insured and guarantee your satisfaction. We can manage as little or as much of your move as you’d like. There are a variety of packages to choose from, so contact us today so we can find the best fit for your need.

We offer virtual quoting services, in addition to in person quotes. Whichever you prefer.

We offer moving and storage solutions (both long and short term), please contact us today for details.


Phone: (484) 662-4286


Full Packing Services

As far as moving companies are concerned, we pride ourselves on being the best! From full packing services to transport only, we offer a wide variety of options for whatever suits your needs. We provide start to finish moves, and can support most moving services you’ll need..

Short and Long Distance Movers

Our team of project managers will ensure your move is seamless. We meet with you to review expectations, call the day prior to check in, and keep you updated on progress until your move is complete! Our movers are professional and want to give you the best experience possible!

Local Moving Company

Our service area includes Reading as well as most of Eastern PA. We do offer cross-country move packages as well. We pride ourselves in being one of the best moving companies out there! We’re here across the United States.

Moving Services

Long Distance Moves

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It doesn’t matter if it’s down the street or across the country, Reading PA Movers can help.

We offer full long distance move packages that span across the 48 continental states, and can assist with as much or as little of your move as you need.

Local Movers

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Our team of moving professionals can help with all residential moving, packing, and storage needs.

We offer full house relocation packages, senior, student, apartment moves, or just furniture / appliance moves.

Large/Bulk Item Moves

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Bulk items require special handling, and we have the equipment to help! We are capable of moving a variety of large or bulk items, including pianos, hot tubs, sheds, grandfather clocks, children’s playsets. If you need it moved, we can help!

Packing/Storage Moves

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In addition to the moving process itself, Reading PA Movers also offers packing and storage services. If you need residential or commercial packing or storage solutions, call us for a free quote today.

Commercial Moves

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We offer many types of commercial and industrial moving services, including full office relocations, laboratory / medical equipment, commercial / industrial equipment. Let us coordinate your next commercial move.

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We can provide a virtual, contactless free estimate within 24 hours. Call us today and we will talk you through the different packages we offer. With our super simple service we can take you from getting a quote, right through to being in your new home with all of your belongings securely packed and safely delivered. Our customer reviews are important to us, and we prize ourselves in providing exceptional customer service!

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Phone: (484) 662-4286

We offer residential and commercial moving services in Eastern Pennsylvania, including Monroe County, Carbon County, Northampton County, Lehigh County, Berks County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Schuylkill county. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service to all of our clients, from beginning to end. We take pride in being able to handle every move individually, which allows us to offer a personalized moving experience to each client. Our staff are friendly and upbeat. They also ensure that clients’ belongings are properly taken care of. We are a a highly-rated local moving service who can make the overwhelming task of moving your belongings very easy and simple.

We have been successfully handling relocations, both long distance and local, for many years. We can help you move an entire office, or move your college student to their new dorm.

Our movers make your relocation stress-free. Moving can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. No matter if your move is residential or commercial, we will treat you with the greatest care and respect. We work closely with our customers to find the best services for them. We can help you with everything, from packing to storage. We have full-service professionals that can transport fragile items as well as provide assembly/disassembly service. We can also arrange transport for your boat or vehicle.

We have packing, transport and storage options that our movers offer. Add to this the high standards that our affiliates must adhere to in order to continue working with us and our affordable moving rates. You’ll have the proof you need for choosing our moving company over all others when you move in the Eastern PA area.

How do you move on a tight budget? We are affordable, and can offer portions of a move to make your move fit within your budget. We offer quality services at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on great customer service, happy customers, and a good reputation. We are the best choice for your local and long-distance relocation needs. We can help you with all aspects of your relocation, so that there is as little stress as possible and a smooth transition. Even smaller items, such as nightstands, tables, chairs, and desks, might be possible to move by yourself. It’s better to hire a professional to move large items like couches, armoires, armoires, and televisions.

Local moves are the most popular moves we are asked about. Local moves are less than 50 miles away and do not cross state borders, unlike long-distance moves. A local move usually takes less than one day and movers charge per hour. Depending on the moving company, the definition of a long distance move can vary.

A long-distance move is generally defined as any move that exceeds 400 miles. Some people believe that a long-distance move can be more than 50-100 miles.

An interstate move is a move that takes place over 50-100 or 400 miles. Cross-state moves are also known as “interstate moves” or “long distance moves”. Interstate moves require extra legal preparation. Additional costs will be incurred for distance, weight, preparation, and other factors.

Long-distance movers can transport your belongings all across the country. You don’t have to rent a trailer or drive from one state to the next with your entire home attached to your bumper. Long-distance movers can make it happen so that you can fly to your new place with your suitcase and wait for your furniture. The national average cost for long-distance moving companies is between $1,490-$2,230. Cost will be affected by the distance you move and how many cubic feet of your goods the movers need to transport. Long-distance moving costs can also be affected by whether you decide to have an exclusive or consolidated move.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving across town or across the country, the team of professionals can help. We’ll assist with everything from packing and loading to transporting your belongings to storage.


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Phone: (484) 662-4286

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In addition to residential moving services, we also provide office or equipment moves for commercial businesses. If you are remodeling and need to shuffle things out, store, and move back – we can help. If you are moving equipment and need bulk handlers – we can help there too. Visit our ‘Moving your Business‘ blog to learn more details, or contact us today for a free quote.

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Does a mover need to enter my home?

Yes. Unless you plan on bringing your items and belongings outside for the mover to load onto the moving truck, our movers will need access to your home to be able to complete the move. You should consider having high-risk individuals leave the house during the move as a precaution due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How much do movers cost in PA?

It depends what you are moving and how far you are going. On average, full service movers start around $1700 and up, where a truck rental can start around $200 plus fuel. PODS are also an option, but those are dependent on you doing the loading and unloading. PODS can be rented monthly. Ask us for a free quote today.

How much do packers cost?

The cost to hire packers starts around $25 / hour, depending on the area. For a 2 bedroom home, you can expect to pay around $400 plus materials. Prices vary greatly depending on how much there is to pack and the size and complexity of the items.

What’s an average cost to move a 3,000 square foot home?

The average price for a long distance move ranges from $4,000 for an 100-mile move, and goes up from there. Depends how much you require to be moved and how far you are going. Cross county moves could easily cost well over $20,000.

Are moving expenses tax deductible?

For most people, no. Moving expenses are not tax deductible. Consult with your local tax professional if you have a unique situation.

How far in advance should you book movers?

Give movers plenty of time to get you on their books, as time of year and the housing market really make this a hard question to answer. Ideally, provide moving companies 12 weeks to be safe. You will also have piece of mind your move is booked and ready to go with that timeline.

How do I estimate how many pounds it will take to move?

A good average is to multiply each room of furniture by 1,500 pounds to get an estimate if your mover charges by weight.

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